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5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Bathroom Vanity

If you’re upgrading your bathroom or building a new one from scratch, it’s likely that one of the most challenging aspects will be finding the right bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanities act as the centrepiece of a bathroom and can tie the entire room together, so it’s important that you get it right. But while finding the right bathroom vanity can be tough, there’s no need to overthink things. Here are five signs you’ve found the right vanity for your bathroom. 

It’s the Right Fit

While this may be one of the most obvious signs, finding bathroom vanities that fit your space means that you’re off to a good start. It would be futile, bordering on nonsensical, to try to install a bathroom vanity that is simply too big or awkwardly small for your bathroom space.

By accurately measuring the dimensions of your bathroom, you can begin to eliminate bathroom vanity options straight away before you even get into the more nuanced qualities of a vanity, such as storage and aesthetics. 

It Effortlessly Complements Your Decor

Sometimes the right bathroom vanities aren’t the ones with the most bells and whistles, but the ones that seem to effortlessly complement the decor that already exists in your bathroom. While this is something that will obviously be visually pleasing to you, finding a bathroom vanity that suits your existing bathroom aesthetics effectively puts an end to the hassle of having to sift through endless catalogues and product pages, hoping you’ll stumble on the right vanity. Finding a bathroom vanity that suits your existing bathroom decor is a great way to save time as well as your sanity. 

It Has Everything You Need

Although bells and whistles aren’t necessary for a bathroom vanity to be the “right” one, sometimes there are certain storage compartments or other features in a vanity you simply need. Fortunately, bathroom vanities come in a range of sizes as well as feature sets. Corner and floating vanities both come in multiple configurations, so regardless of your preferences, you’ll never be lacking when it comes to storage or aesthetics. 

It’s Built to Last

Although most bathroom vanities tend to be sturdy, some materials and brands fare better over time than others. A great sign that you’ve found the right bathroom vanity is that the manufacturer is known for producing high-quality bathroom vanities that are made from durable materials that are built to last. Your bathroom will go through a decent amount of natural wear and tear over the years, so you’ll want to be certain that your bathroom vanity can withstand any damage that could occur.

It’s Within Your Budget

If you’re already considering some options for bathroom vanities, then you will know that vanities can be expensive. The right bathroom vanity for you will not only tick all of your aesthetic and feature criteria, but it will also fit neatly within your project budget. Allocating a majority of your budget to your bathroom vanity isn’t something you should feel guilty about, as it’s arguably one of the most crucial pieces in the space.