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Are Trees Good for or Bad for Your Roof?

Trees are beautiful in your yard and can be beneficial for the environment. Trees on your property can be a problem for your roof. Your trees can be damaged by falling branches, moss and other pests. However, they provide shade and shelter from the sun.

Find out what our roofing experts have said about planting trees on your roof. We will help you to find the best way for you to reap the many benefits of trees while avoiding any negative side effects.

Protecting yourself from harmful heat damage

Over time, heat and sun can cause roof damage. Asphalt shingles can be damaged by direct sunlight. Metal roofing can melt and tiles can crack if they are exposed to high heat. A barrier of trees planted around your property’s edges can protect your roof from sun damage.

The potential for serious damage

Planting trees too close to your roof can pose risks that far outweigh any potential benefits. Leaves, needles and even branches can build up on your roof and become a breeding ground for pests, mold, moss and other dangers. Sometimes, the fallen branches can be so large and heavy that they cause damage to your roof.

The greatest tree-related risk to your roofing is the possibility that your trees could fall onto your roof. Trees can become unstable due to wind, lightning, age and other factors. If they fall onto your roof it could cause severe damage to your home and roof.

You want your trees to bring only good things

With a little effort, you can make sure that your trees only benefit your roof. You can keep your roof safe and protected from the sun with basic care and maintenance. You and your family can also enjoy the many other benefits trees offer.

These are some simple maintenance tips:

  • You should ensure trees are planted at a safe distance to your roof
  • To prevent falling debris, keep branches and overhangs trimmed.
  • Remove fallen leaves regularly
  • Make sure any dying or unstable trees are removed so they don’t fall on your roof
  • Make sure pests don’t climb on your roof using trees

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