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Mark Roemer Investigates the Benefits Area Rugs Play in A House or Apartment


If your home feels a little sparse—and not in a purposely minimalist sort of way that you find pleasing—or if your current floor coverings look a little bit worn, faded, frayed, or otherwise beyond their prime, Mark Roemer Oakland thinks it may be time to purchase one or more area rugs to fill the void. And if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to buy area rugs, there are several convincing arguments to do so.

If you look at the following seven justifications for purchasing area rugs, you will undoubtedly notice the advantages of doing so. The next step is to read a guide on choosing an area rug so that you can be sure to choose a rug that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to walk on in the specific living space where it will be placed.

The Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Home with Area Rugs

  1. Using area rugs to limit living spaces in multi-functional rooms and open floor plans eliminates the need for room dividers, furniture, or other physical barriers that can impede movement and flow while also giving the impression that a room is smaller than it is. Use them to section off and define places for things like discussion areas, watching television, reading, dining, and so on. This contributes to the development of a strong sense of organization as well as functionality throughout the entirety of your home.
  2. They breathe new life into any space. Your living rooms are the ideal setting for experimenting with different color palettes, pattern combinations, material combinations, and personality types, and area rugs provide the perfect opportunity to do so. They can offer “pop” or dimension, or they can assist fill out an environment that is lacking in substance.
  3. Compared to a cold and hard floor surface, an area rug will provide more warmth and comfort for bare feet. Because of this, they are ideal for positioning beneath couches and chairs in areas where people like to unwind and rest. Also, if your bedroom has a hardwood floor, you will find that having an area rug to step on first thing in the morning is very convenient.
  4. The surface’s softness muffles the sound. In areas that are not heavily furnished and/or that have a predominant amount of hard surfaces, the use of area rugs helps reduce the amount of echo. In addition, they muffle the sounds of footsteps, dog nails, dropped items, and other floor noises, which is an excellent benefit in rooms located on the second story or if you live in an apartment or condo above somebody else. This is especially useful in situations where one person is trying to sleep while the other is moving around.
  5. Changing your decor won’t be difficult at all. Adding or changing area rugs is a reasonably quick, economical, and simple method to freshen things up and create a fresher look and feel in any room in your home. If you find yourself getting a bit bored with the appearance of any of your rooms, adding or replacing area rugs is a great option.
  6. Protecting your floor surfaces is another one of the many compelling arguments in favor of adorning your living space with area rugs. The scratches, stains, and other signs of wear and tear that might occur over time are mitigated by using area rugs in a home with hardwood or another type of excellent flooring.
  7. In addition, the safety of your home is improved by adding area rugs, which is especially important if you have young children or an older family member. The potential for slipping, sliding, and falling is diminished by the use of area rugs, particularly when those rugs are equipped with a non-slip backing or when a non-slip pad is placed beneath them.


So, as you can see, area rugs are a simple way to add a touch of class to any home. Mark Roemer Oakland hopes you have found this article beneficial.