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Buying A Home In Santa Cruz? Here Are 5 Of The Most Affordable Communities To Explore

Santa Cruz might get less attention than some popular zip codes on the California coast. However, incredible year-round weather, a welcoming community, and endless beaches render life in this seaside gem worth considering. Owning a property in Santa Cruz means access to the finest things California offers in a more tranquil environment. These desirable traits make the Santa Cruz real estate market quite pricey. However, that does not mean that you cannot find affordable homes in the area. Continue reading to discover 5 of the most affordable communities to buy homes in Santa Cruz.

  1. Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek is a neighborhood packed in historical flavor, and the gateway town to Big Basin Redwoods State Park, California’s oldest state park. This community is renowned for its logging roots but is growing into a more coveted residential area. You will discover that most of the housing in Boulder Creek is surrounded by nature, which is ideal for people who love the outdoors.

The bungalow style in Boulder Creek provides homeowners a chance to maintain a quiet, peaceful atmosphere while taking advantage of the large open spaces in the front and back yards. The median home price in Boulder Creek is roughly $300,000.

  1. Watsonville

Tucked on the southern end of Santa Cruz County, Watsonville is renowned for its rich agricultural culture. This tiny town of about 52,000 people is only a short drive to other major towns like Big Sur or Monterey. Homes in this community are suitable for single families seeking something affordable.

A quiet, laid back atmosphere awaits new homeowners in Watsonville. The average home price in Watsonville is about $220,000.

  1. Felton

Felton is a tourist community in the San Lorenzo Valley, renowned for its connection to the railroad. If you want to immerse yourself in a community rich in outdoor adventure, Felton is for you! There are a combined 80 miles of trails at the nearby parks.

The bungalow home design in Felton provides a quiet, rural feel. The surrounding trees provide a sense of privacy to all homeowners in the region. The current median home price is about $425,000.

  1. Ben Lomond

The Ben Lomond community is located 12 miles off Santa Cruz and 34 miles from San Jose.

The neighborhood provides a great balance between rural living and city life. There are several trails for residents to enjoy, and the charming character-style homes are ideal for families who want to live amid nature. Homes in Ben Lemond often feature interior hardwood flooring and detached cottages.

  1. Scotts Valley

Only 6 miles north of Santa Cruz is the small town of Scotts Valley, home to about 12,000 people. The community plans to expand by constructing and developing rental and housing opportunities. Adorned in contemporary-day design, homes for sale in Santa Cruz offer a luxurious feel at a lower price.

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