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Designing A Garden That Can Be Enjoyed Every Month Of The Year

While garden spaces continue to add exceptional value to a property, with estate agents seeing an increase in demand for homes with outdoor spaces, their upkeep and seasonal usage often lead to issues, even turning some potential buyers away. The invasion of weeds, the maintenance of outdoor furniture, and the changes in weather are individual problems that can not only prevent the enjoyment of a space but even lead to significant costs.

While some residents might be able to dedicate the time necessary to maintain their garden, others cannot. It does not then take long for the changeable climate of the UK to begin to take effect, the same weather that can become cold and wet enough to prevent individuals from wanting to spend time outside too. 

There are ways in which gardens can be designed to stand up to the weather, not only reducing the amount of maintenance needed but also enabling residents to enjoy their garden space at every point in the year. It takes a little planning but ultimately creates more return on the investment of a property.

Establish Cover

One of the biggest inhibitors of a garden’s enjoyment is the rain, which, in the UK, is ubiquitous. One shouldn’t allow themselves to simply only enjoy their outdoor space during the sunshine, however, especially when options for establishing cover are affordable and numerous. 

In addition to basic options, such as retractable gazebos, luxurious garden shelters and log cabins can be built in a garden quite easily. These spaces allow for nature to be enjoyed even when it is raining, which some might even find the ideal setting for a romantic meal.

Create Warmth

Keeping yourself warm outdoors can be a challenge, especially during the winter months. Some residents keep thick wool blankets stashed in their garden furniture but this occasionally won’t be enough. More advanced options, such as heat lamps, should be considered. 

These can be set to activate on a timer or at the press of a button, quickly heating up an entire outdoor dining area, especially if it is contained beneath the aforementioned cover.

Embrace Nature

One of the best ways to prevent the elements from overwhelming your garden is to embrace nature. A number of assets, such as trees and hedges, can be invaluable to a property when preventing harsh winds from tussling furniture or reducing the risk of flooding. 

Before removing previously established natural elements of your garden and replacing them with artificial additions, such as fences, consider whether the original might fare better for your needs.

Purchase Furniture

One of the best ways to encourage residents to enjoy a garden is to establish it as a social space, or one of relaxation. To do this, garden furniture should be purchased, practical pieces that are also comfortable. This could be seating or a dining area, or even something alternative like a hammock. Once established and the garden has a platform upon which to be enjoyed, you will find yourself more drawn toward being outdoors, no matter what time of the year.