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Key Considerations Before Installing Skirting Boards Over Skirting Board

skirting boards over skirting board

Interior design is evolving and offers innovative ideas to transform living spaces. Installing skirting boards over skirting board is one such technique that is gaining traction. With this method, homeowners can update their interiors without undertaking major renovations. This creative undertaking, however, needs meticulous preparation and execution.

But if you have been thinking of installing that, then you should learn the proper way and consider all the key components.

Key Considerations

·      Compatibility of Styles

Make sure the two types of skirting boards have suitable styles before putting new skirting boards over old ones. The room will look more coherent and clashes will be avoided by balancing the room’s design aesthetics. Make sure the new skirting boards complement the entire design, whether you choose a modern, minimalist approach or a more elaborate and traditional style.

·      Measurement and Proportion

If you are layering skirting boards, the proportion is key. The new layer must be in proportion to the room’s dimensions and the existing border boards. To guarantee that the new skirting boards completely match the existing ones and add to the overall balance of the room, precise measuring is necessary.

·      Material and Quality

Choose skirting boards for the new layer that match or complement the material of the existing ones.A seamless transition between layers is made possible by consistent materials. To ensure lifespan and durability, choose high-quality skirting boards. It should be equally resilient to damage as the older layers.

·      Color Coordination

Coordination of colors is crucial for achieving a polished appearance. Choose how the new skirting boards will look—contrasting with or complementing the current ones. While contrasting colors can produce a striking visual statement, combining colors offers a more subdued and aesthetically pleasing result. Make sure the color scheme you choose blends in with the room’s overall aesthetic.

·      Sealing and Finishing

A unified and polished appearance requires proper sealing and finishing. To avoid dust buildup and maintain a tidy look, gaps between the layers should be filled. Additionally, whether it’s a matte, gloss, or textured surface, pick a skirting board finish that matches the design of the room.

·      Professional Installation

Skill and accuracy are needed when installing skirting boards over skirting boards. The layers will be properly aligned, the edges will be seamless, and the overall finish will be immaculate if you hire a skilled installation. Professionals can do the installation quickly and successfully because they have the right equipment and training.

·      Maintenance and Cleaning

The ease of upkeep and cleaning should also be taken into account. Choose skirting board materials that are low maintenance and easy to clean. Additionally, to preserve the skirting boards’ appearance over time, use finishes that are durable.

·      Room Functionality

When layering skirting boards, take the room’s functioning into account. Make sure the new layer doesn’t hinder any functional parts, such as windows or doors. Skirting boards should improve the aesthetics of the space without sacrificing its usefulness.


Your living spaces can be given new life by installing skirting boards over old ones. This is a creative and economical method to modernize your furnishings. However, a successful outcome depends on careful consideration of design compatibility, measurements, materials, colors, and skilled installation.