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Kitchen Remodel, Verrado Kitchen Designs, and Custom Quartz Material

Kitchens are one of the spaces where traffic is quite heavy, especially in restaurants where staff prepare and cook food to be served. Indeed movement is not that hefty at home but we still need to consider what furniture and materials must be installed. In this way, we can maintain aesthetics and prolong functionality to minimize repair or replacement expenses.

However, after some time, you may want to remodel the kitchen and enhance its value when property selling is in mind. Be reminded that when the design is outdated and fixtures are worn, buyers will surely ask for big discounts. In that case, you might not get the selling price that you’d like to achieve, thus, minor remodeling is a must.

Pretty sure that you can find professional interior designers and architects in your locality. When dealing with such a project, you should check out Verrado kitchen cabinets and countertops for more details. With their expertise in this field, you’ll surely be guided in choosing the appropriate materials and get help on trendy designs.

Kitchen Design Styles

This is our favorite space at home if we love cooking, thus, we make sure that the area is tailored for our usual activities. Pretty sure that you needed a shelf, cabinet, and rack for your tools, equipment, as well as, supplies. In this way, we won’t have to occupy countertops with pieces of stuff since these are usually one of our working spots.

No matter what style we’d like to achieve, our preferences would still be followed. However, we need some expertise that will amplify your taste and come up with a more sophisticated output. That’s because they incorporate the most important elements, such as cabinets, countertops, lighting, color palettes, and materials in their designs.

  1. Traditional

Wood is usually featured here and darker hues are integrated in this style. This classic touch makes you feel a warm welcome sensation in the kitchen. You’ll notice an old-fashioned setting but the finish will make it fresh when all elements are integrated properly.

Nowadays, interior designers are good at infusing modern pieces of stuff to make a twist – look at https://www.arizonafoothillsmagazine.com/in-house/design-and-architecture/this-is-the-hottest-interior-design-style-taking-over-arizona for a trendy home. Cabinets are made of natural wood with antique finishes and glass doors. They can be raised or embellished for ease of decorating and to offer a more elegant look.

For a unique neutral shade for countertops, we have granite, laminate, quartz, and solid surface. Warm colors – black or brown, with neutral and soft textures, would be ideal. Not to forget adding a chandelier, antique fixtures, and linear pendant accessories.

  1. Contemporary

Let’s say that it’s a trendy and revitalizing style of today’s generation with cool hues, such as bright gray and white. What makes the kitchen classified as chic and unique are geometric elements, as well as, sharp edges. To make it more elegant, this modern design uses quartz, especially on the countertops which is a good match on stainless steel stuff.

To showcase the beauty of contemporary-styled kitchens, our experts use flat panel cabinet doors with metal, wood, glass, or laminate material. They use silver, gold, nickel, or matte black finish and marble or quartz on countertops. For the lighting, they install recessed pendant lights, covered with glass or exposed bulbs with gold, silver, and matte black accents.

  1. Transitional

If you’d like a balanced combination of traditional and contemporary styles, then go for transitional types. This is where you’ll see a variety of textures, hues, sharp or sleek lines, and other timeless features. Let’s assume that with this arrangement, you can sense fashion and trends in the interior scheme.

Here, the homeowner can freely show her creativity but again, it’s still best to hire professional designers for pieces of advice. In this way, balancing colors, tones, and choice of materials can be justified. So when it comes to the elements, you’d surely mix and match traditional and contemporary details.

What’s an engineered quartz?

This is usually composed of 93% stone aggregates or crushed quartz with ceramic, glass, and other industrial wastes. It only contains 7% of polyester resin for binding purposes. It’s an alternative to natural stone, thus, it is environmentally friendly.

A high-tech machine is used to press the components into slabs. Undergoing an intense process makes the stone’s surface non-porous and doesn’t require sealing. Therefore, using this on your kitchen countertops would be ideal since cleaning isn’t a problem.

Anyway, this comes with a wide range of patterns and color combinations. But again, nothing can beat natural stones for their appearance. Due to the high cost, engineered quartz can be your option if you’d like to achieve such a luxurious vibe at home.

Tips to Find a Local Contractor

If you’d like to meet your goal for this home project, then hire the best remodeling contractor in your area. You’re surely eyeing a company in Buckeye, so make sure they’ll meet the requirements. Anyway, here are a few tips for you.

  • It’s very important to consider their experience in interior and architectural enterprise. With their expertise in this field, your ideas can be brought to life. Therefore, don’t overlook their portfolio which is usually presented on their websites, and verify if they’re authentic, as well as, reputable.
  • Before signing a contract with the company, you must first meet them for consultation services and inquiries. By this time, you should already know if they’re licensed – go here to learn how, thus, consider an acquaintance phase and see how comfortable it would be dealing with them. I suppose you have a lot in mind, so grab this chance to gather relevant information about their company.
  • Don’t forget to ask for written estimates because they’ll be transparent with the charges and material costs. The figures would be very helpful when comparing rates with other contractors. Search for actual prices in the market to guarantee the credibility of the estimate you requested.
  • Evaluate your options and decide who you’ll hire. It would be best to ask your partner’s option, too. Prepare your budget and contact the company for their remodeling services.