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Reasons Why Your Garage Door Doesn’t Close 

Most Americans consider garage doors a fundamental and routine component of life, even though they are among the most complex systems in a typical house. Because of this, they are simple to damage; if damaged, it may be a significant effort to repair them.

To ensure that the garage door can be opened and closed without hiccups, it is constructed out of many movable pieces that all need to be in their appropriate locations and perfectly aligned. If any of these components have been worn down or misaligned throughout its lifetime, the door won’t function as it should. Now that we have that out of the way let’s take a look at some of the more typical causes of why your garage door won’t shut.

The Torsion Spring Is Broken

The most frequent issue with garage doors is a broken torsion spring, which may be easily identified by the lack of a “click” while closing the door. No matter how much you attempt to press the door down, it will barely move a fraction of an inch before halting. If your garage door springs fail and you try to push the door down, you risk injuring yourself or damaging the door’s frame because of the springs’ extreme stress from the balancing weight, and you need a Garage Door Repair. Keep the door open until help arrives; slamming it shut without a torsion spring to support it might have disastrous results.

The Safety Sensors Aren’t Working Properly

Understand that the safety sensors keep the garage door from shutting on a human or pet at all times and that they must be in good functioning condition before proceeding. If your sensor isn’t working, you should stop what you’re doing and have it fixed right away!

Let’s start with the most prevalent issue, shall we? Dirty sensors. These detectors function by sending an infrared beam out and timing how long it takes to return to the door’s opener. There will be a delay in closing the door, and the timer will rise if a human or animal is in the beam’s path. This may occur with everything from pet hair and dust to spider webs, so keeping them free of these accouterments is essential. Make sure they have plenty of areas to walk about and aren’t crowded by obstacles like trees or shrubs.

The Tracks Have Been Damaged or Need to Be Replaced

Keep your garage door in tip-top shape since it’s your house’s most significant moving element. It’s common knowledge that a garage door’s tracks are its most vulnerable component, so it stands to reason that problems often arise there. To maintain your tracks in top condition, you may do several things. It’s important to remember to contact a garage professional to offer a Garage Door service if it breaks and won’t shut. A great deal of danger arises from the current circumstance.

There are things you can do if your garage door isn’t causing any issues at the moment but it doesn’t look as well as it did when you got it, or if you’re concerned about the door’s condition in the future.

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