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Top Reasons You’ll Love Living in New Rochelle

The first things that spring to mind when someone mentions New Rochelle are its classy beaches, genuine communities, and energetic young families! Known by its French name, La Rochelle, this seaside village in New York is unique. The “Queen City of Sound” moniker honors the dynamic and multicultural neighborhood. It provides a wide range of housing alternatives and several green spaces. It comprises many properties, such as luxury flats, villas, and mansions.

New Rochelle can be the ideal spot to call home if that’s what you want. Ensure you work with the New Rochelle NY real estate agent Esti Winkler to help locate your dream property.    

Here are a couple of reasons you might want to buy a home in New Rochelle.

A reasonable cost of living

Manhattan is only a thirty-minute drive away; however, New Rochelle’s cost of living is still less than the national average! It is still among the most affordable communities in Westchester County to reside in, but a family of four would still have to pay over $11,135 a month to live here!

It’s close to New York City

New Rochelle has various cultural and economic options due to its location 16 miles north of New York City. It provides a laid-back suburban way of life. You could be impressed by New Rochelle if you enjoy a good mix of serenity and activity. It’s also worth seeing its extensive history, year-round festivals, and local activities, demonstrating that there are always things to do without traveling to New York City. After buying a home in New Rochelle, you can access almost everything right outside your front door.

Plenty of luxurious properties

There has been a significant rise in new homes for sale in New Rochelle. It comprises a considerable amount of upscale apartment complexes and condominiums. Several properties in the area provide remarkable vistas of Long Island Sound and convenient access to several facilities in New Rochelle. As such, the most outstanding choice for a young professional seeking housing can be one of the luxurious apartments in New Rochelle.

Thriving dining scene

New Rochelle has enough to offer if you enjoy exploring new eateries and spending leisurely weekends! Moms and pops and Michelin-starred establishments across the city operate eateries. In addition, relaxed Latin eateries and Dubrovnik restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine will transport you to a seaside summer night.

There are several modes of transportation available

New Rochelle is one city that provides easy access to New York City and other locations. Amtrak and Metro-North Railroad are two rail transit systems that pass through New Rochelle. The train line connects Westchester County and adjacent Connecticut to locations outside of New York City. New Rochelle is a convenient route to reach anywhere you need to go.

Getting to the three main airports in the NYC metro region will also be simple for you. Domestic flights will be available from all three airports (LaGuardia, Kennedy, and Newark). However, Kennedy and Newark should be your choices if you fly abroad.

New Rochelle could be one of the most excellent places to live in Westchester County. It would be challenging to locate the house of your dreams in any other location. Luckily, you’re sure to find something in New Rochelle, as there are many possibilities to meet your budget.