Roof Design is an important part of new construction but did you also know that it is equally vital for commercial roof repair, restoration and replacement?

What Exactly Does the Term “Commercial Roof Design” Mean?

Roof Design provides roofing expertise, understanding of codes, and practical solutions to repair, restore, and replace existing roofs.

Roof membranes and insulation are usually installed above the roof deck of the building. Metal roofs are usually covered with insulation and have no membrane on top.

Commercial Roof Design teams that are good at their job will be familiar with all types of commercial buildings, manufactured roof systems, and conditions. Technical knowledge is essential for all US regions. This includes building codes, wind-uplift requirements, energy efficiency requirements, etc. Civil engineering and design degrees as well as many years of experience are beneficial.

What Types of Structures Benefit from Commercial Roof Design?

Commercial Roof Design can be beneficial for roofs on office buildings, warehouses and manufacturing plants. It is also useful for retail and other non-residential buildings that provide protection to the structure and its contents, as well as the occupants.

What Are the Benefits of Roof Design for Building Owners?

Roof Design is a great option if you’re looking for a commercial roofer that can be both a manufacturer and an installer. Roof Design knows the composition, application and performance of products. They know the roofing systems of other manufacturers and their applications.

Roof codes and regulations are constantly changing. Roof Design relieves the customer of the burden. Roof Design ensures that the proposed roofing solution and system will comply with local codes, building insurance and follow all necessary codes for protection of the building against the weather elements such as wind, rain, and hail. The company also provides project managers with installation instructions that are approved by both the manufacturer and industry.

Roof Design’s main goal is the protection of a building and the design of the most cost-effective roof solution to provide the required level or protection.

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