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How to style your new home like a pro?


Your house becomes a home when you put lots of love and care into creating and decorating it. It gives a great feeling when you move into your own house and take up every minute detailing in the interiors. There are several ways by which you can style your new home. Your home is a blank canvas where you can use all your creativity and explore ways to style it. You can find a lot of inspiration online or from books and magazines on styling tips. If you cannot do it on your own, look for experts like Luton developments who can assist you in this process.

Some essential tips:

  • Give great care to the entrance

The entrance of your home is very important since it is the first thing people notice. The main door of your house needs to be attractive. You can use contemporary styling methods like making a swivel door or a sliding door. You can use glass panels. Choose an interesting door frame to make it more attractive.

  • Add texture and create a style

Play with textures to add life to your new home. Organic textures are great ways to add textures to a new home. You can mix contemporary and traditional styles that can make the place look stunning. You can add accents with natural materials along with wooden furniture with an aged finish.

  • Picture wall

A picture wall is a great addition to your living room. Decorate a corner of your living room with memories of your lifetime. Let the background be subtle if the pictures are bright. Also, it need not always be personal picture collections. You can reserve them for your bedroom too. Add vintage posters or themes that you would love to watch with your everyday cuppa.

  • Dark-coloured walls on a side

This is another unique way of styling. Make one of your walls dark-coloured leaving the other three in light in the same hue. This will make the walls look bold and striking. This particular wall can also be used for your decor pieces. Dark shaded walls look great with brass or other metallic accents.

  • Add layers in lighting

Good lighting is very important for a home. But not all places of the house require the same amount of lighting. Do you know the lights can influence the mood of the place? So it is wise to choose different types of lighting for different areas of your home. Create a corner with dim lights so that you can enjoy your evenings here. Bright lights are a must for working spaces.

  • Use antiques for decorating

Are you an antique lover and have collected a lot of them over time? Your new home is the best place to display them. You can style your home with a mix of the latest and antique styles. Vintage accents can enhance the looks of your place

Hope the above gives you an insight into how well you can style and add life to your new home. Pour in more of your creativity and make the place stunning.