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Methods of Repairing a Dryer on Your Own

The first and the foremost thing that you should know about the dryer repair is that you can solve the problem of the dryer or the trouble of the dryer, yourself. For dryer repair, there is no need for you to book an appointment with the service provider or call a technician or others or pay so many dollars to repair the dryer. Also, in this guide, the dryer repair that will be mentioned is likely to fix 90% of the problems or dryer breakdowns. Many of the repairs are there which take an hour. It can also take some extra time to fix the replacement parts. If you are in search of the parts for a dryer, then you look online for parts of appliances and specifically mention the name of the parts and you will get it at a low cost.

Tools Required – 

For checking your dryer repair, you will need basic tools like screwdrivers, and sockets, and can also need a continuity tester and you can also require a multi-meter to solve the problem. The first and the foremost step in doing any kind of appliance repair is to check that it is getting enough electricity. One of the main causes of the breakdowns in appliances can be tripped breakers or unplugged cords. Many of the dryer repairs need some disassembly that needs to be done of the outer cabinet so that you can get the parts inside and you don’t even need a repair person for your dryer.

Ways to Disassemble – 

If your dryer’s lint filter is inside the front door then you should remove it this way – of the control panel, remove the screw of each of the corners. Flip or overturn the panel up and back to show the screws in, so that you can see the screws in the top panel. Then next, you have to remove the screws then pull the top towards you and lift it off. Then release the spring catches (at the bottom panel) by shoving a putty knife inside the slot above them. You can now remove the front panel when the bottom panel is open, by removing 2 screws from the top and the bottom panel. Then, remove the screw alongside the filter slot, and use a putty knife to release the 2 spring catches located under the top panel on the front side.

Check the Plunger – 

Then, you have to tilt the top panel like a car hood and remove the screws which are holding the front panel in place. If you check your dryer and it looks completely non-functioning when you turn it on, then there are chances that the door switch has gone or the plunger is bent or broken. From the normal use, the door switches tend to wear out and if you repeatedly slam the door then the damage can be done quickly. You can check the plunger which is situated on the door for troubleshooting in the dryer. If it’s bent or missing, then you will have to replace it. If the plunger is looking outwards then your next step would be to remove the top cabinet panel so that you can gain access to the switch door. You can check for the disassembly instructions online.