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Milwaukee’s Winter Preparation: Insights from the Farmers’ Almanac

It’s important to get ready for winter to feel protected and comfortable all through the colder months. Whether you’re preparing your home, vehicle, or yourself, here are some important steps from Farmers Almanac Winter Wisconsin to consider:

Home Preparation:

  • Inspect Your Heating System: Make sure your heating is working properly. You might also want to think about having inspection and maintenance checks taken care of by a professional before the cold sinks in.
  • Seal Drafts: Look for drafts around doors and windows; weatherstrip or caulk if necessary. This is a way of preventing the cold air from entering and hence reduces energy consumption.
  • Check Insulation: It is very important for warmth to be preserved via decent insulation. Examine your attic and walls for proper insulation, if need be add more.
  • Clean Chimney and Fireplace: Clean your chimney if you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove to avoid soot fires. Homeowners may need to purchase firewood or pellets.
  • Clean Gutters: Clean any leaves and dirt from your gutters so as to prevent the freezing of the water.
  • Prepare Emergency Supplies: Prepare an emergency kit consisting of flashlights, batteries, food that can’t get spoilt, and some first aid supplies. Prepare for the potential blackout.
  • Winterize Outdoor Plumbing: Secure outdoor water faucets and empty hoses to avoid freezing them leading to rupture.
  • Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to confirm that they function properly, replacing the batteries if necessary.

Personal Preparation:

  • Dress Warmly: Purchase warm clothes such as a winter coat, insulated boots, gloves a hat, and a scarf. Dress with multiple layers for better insulation.
  • Stay Active: It is likely to feel warm during winter due to engaging in normal exercise. Think about indoor activities or winter sports.
  • Stay Informed: Watch for weather forecasts and be ready for storms or periods of extreme cold. Stay tuned to local news and advisories.
  • Home Safety: Use space heaters and candles safely; maintain operable carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Stock Up: There should be a store of non-perishable food, bottled water, and essential medications in case you get snowed.
  • Vehicle Emergency Kit: Have an emergency kit in the car with a blanket, hand warmers, and flashlights in case you get snowed.

By doing this and other things to prepare your home, vehicle, and you for winter one can remain safe and warm throughout the season even when the weather becomes harsh.

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