Are you looking for a team of professionals you can count on that will help you to identify the problem with your roofing and fix it? Your search ends here at dangeloandsons.com/roofing-eavestrough-kitchener/. They install different kinds of roofs, sidings and even replace the roofing components and repair them. D’Angelo& Sons are known to offer an extensive roofing repair service to all homeowners so that the roof can be protected from further damage. Following are just a few of the roofing services that are provided by them. They provide all their customers with all-around roofing solutions.

Roofing Replacement

There are Ontario Building Codes that need to be followed when installing a roof in Kitchener. However, the code only calls to install the roof which offers “limited protection” under the “normal seasonal conditions”. As the weather conditions are far from normal, you require a roofing contractor that will provide you with high-quality roofing solutions. You need professionals by your side who are well trained and accredited roofers. This way you can be sure about the quality of the work done. D’Angelo& Sons provide an extended warranty. You are protected by the manufacturer’s warranty and the workmanship warranty.

Roof Leaks

Just the mere thought of roof leaking can send a chill down any homeowner’s spine. Whenever there is a leak, you know you need emergency repair work. You need repair solutions that will mend the leak and restore the damage done by the leak. Apart from that, you also require some protection from any future leaks. The roofing company needs to take measures to prevent them from happening. A thorough inspection will help to pinpoint where the problem lies so that they can begin their roof leak work. Even once the leaks have been fixed, preventive maintenance like applying primer on corroded sections of the roof or cutting branches that are above the roof should also be carried out. These preventive measures can help to increase the life of the roof.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a popular option in places that have extreme weather conditions. This is because metal can withstand harsh weather. Aluminium is one of the most popular as it is lightweight, has corrosion resistance, high heat reflection and requires low maintenance. Whereas galvanized steel roofs are sturdier and heavier than aluminium roofs. Some of the other popular options for metal roofing material are tin and copper. Copper roofs are an expensive option. They will serve you for hundreds of years. When you opt for copper roofing the suppliers will provide you with lifetime warranties.

Flat Roof Repair

For a flat roof to serve you properly, it should be installed correctly by an expert. When such roofing faces extreme weather conditions and has been improperly installed, it can cause water damage and other such problems. The roofing company should have years of experience in flat roofing. This will help you to be sure that there is high-quality craftsmanship involved.