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It’s time for SOLAR to shine in the Sunshine State!

If approved, Florida residents could see their electricity bills increase starting in April if recent filings from Duke, Tampa Electric, and Florida Power & Light are accepted by the state Public Service Commission. Duke’s proposal will result in a 20% hike for residential customers, while Tampa Electric would increase their bills by 10%. These increases are primarily due to the rising prices of natural gas, which is used as the primary fuel for Florida’s power plants. Costs have also increased as utilities sent thousands of workers out to restore power after recent hurricanes, such as Hurricane Ian or Hurricane Nicole.

This increase in electricity prices presents an opportunity for Floridians who may want to switch to solar energy. Solar power can reduce or eliminate the need for traditional energy sources. By installing solar panels at their homes or businesses, Floridians could save thousands on their energy bills.

Solar power is a great investment, and the time to switch to it has never been better. Solar installation costs can be offset by federal, state, and local incentives. These incentives are available through Efficient Home Services to help you save money on your energy bills. Switching to solar energy can also help you protect yourself from future rate increases. Solar power costs are stable compared to traditional sources of power, meaning that consumers will pay the same amount each month for electricity for years to come.

Summary: With the potential for higher electricity bills, now is the right time to switch to solar energy. It can save money on energy bills and protect against future rate increases. Efficient Home Services offers a variety of incentives to help you make the switch from conventional power to solar energy.

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