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Few Different Types of Fly Screens Meant for All Types of Windows

As temperatures rise, the desire to open windows increases, but it invites unwanted insects for some. A fly screen prevents these intruders, maintaining a hygienic environment. Enjoy fresh air without compromising cleanliness, as these screens effectively reduce or eliminate the entry of flies and other pests.

If you want to buy fly screens for your home, you may contact Premier Screens Ltd, a UK-based company, where you can get high-quality, custom-built fly screens and DIY insect screens that you can fit yourself.

Install these fly screens to let refreshing air flow through your home while keeping bothersome flying insects at bay. These screens preserve your view, offering ventilation and insect protection, making them a distinctive addition to any residence or business.

They are crafted for various windows and doors. These screens boast top-notch components for years of trouble-free use, backed by a guarantee. Suitable for hinged, centre pivot, conservatories, kitchens, and both commercial and residential spaces.

Can these screens block the light?

The extent to which these screens reduce light varies based on the chosen mesh. Modern high-visibility insect meshes minimally impact light and airflow, while finer meshes may have a greater effect on both light and airflow. Choose a mesh that suits your preference for maintaining visibility and airflow while keeping unwanted insects out.

These are some of the fly screens that are on the market.

1.    Standard Flyscreens

A typical window flyscreen is designed to fit inside your current window, featuring a robust aluminium frame. The frame ensures a stable placement as it is secured with a combination of hinges and turn buttons.

While firmly held in position, the screen is easily removable for convenient cleaning. A nylon brush provides a secure seal against nearly all flying insects, enhancing its effectiveness.

2.    Sliding Flyscreens

Go for a sliding flyscreen window as a straightforward solution for window screening, offering easy access for cleaning. Consisting of two independently moving sliding screens, they glide effortlessly along a robust outer framework made of durable aluminium.

These sliding flyscreens provide the flexibility to move either horizontally or vertically. Additionally, for larger windows, triple sliders are available to accommodate various window sizes.

3.    Retractable Flyscreen Windows

Ideal for both business and domestic applications, retractable flyscreens offer versatility. Perfect for wooden or uPVC windows, they seamlessly integrate without causing damage or obstruction.

Easy to operate with a smooth action, these screens feature anti-wind mechanisms to keep the mesh securely within the guides, even under pressure. Enjoy the convenience and functionality of retractable flyscreens for various window types.

4.    Canopy Box Flyscreen Windows

When internal screening is not feasible, external screens become essential. However, this can impede window opening, rendering the screen impractical.

A canopy box insect screen can be installed to address this, covering the window area adequately. This solution ensures you can still safely open your windows while maintaining the necessary screening to keep insects out.

Invest in high-quality fly screens from Premier Screens Ltd for a hygienic and insect-free environment. Choose from various types, including standard, sliding, retractable, and canopy box screens, ensuring comfort without compromising light or airflow.