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Why is artificial grass good? What is artificial grass made of?

With temperature change creating a natural field on a property and maintaining it is harder to keep up, which is why folks are choosing this artificial grass for the place. before we install must know the types of artificial grass which is based on material used

1-           Nylon

Nylon is the strongest material compared to other material used in artificial grass it will keep its original shape it can also withstand extremely high temperatures nylon terms of artificial are very expensive

2-           Polyethylene

It is extremely resilient & has a softer texture. It requires little to no maintenance

3-           Polypropylene

It is the least expensive and least durable artificial grass. It also has a lower melting point if it is installed in areas where high heat is common; prolonged exposure can lead to disfiguration making the blades look misshapen and unnatural. This type of turf is ideal for indoor use as carpet or indoor decorative material .

Artificial grass installation

Follow the steps for installation

  • Spray the areas with a weed killer
  • Remove the top level of soil
  • Plan the drainage
  • Install a border
  • Add the base material
  • Level, moisten and compact the base
  • Layout the turf
  • Join the grass together
  • Pin it down
  • Add infill
  • Brush the grass
  • Water the lawn

Artificial grass maintenance

  • Brush regularly
  • Remove leaves
  • Winter season
  • Fire & hot items

What are the components of Artificial grass?

There are six major components in the Artificial grass system. For instances sub-base, backing, infill material, seaming and nails

1-           Sub-base

The Sub-base is the layer underneath the artificial grass and has a major impact on the whole system. There are few choices of Sub-base but only one offers the best support and reliability that is sand? Gravel mix.

2-           Backing

There are three types of turf backing. They include non-permeable backing, hole punch backing and flow through backing

  • Non-Permeable Backing

This type of backing does not allow water to pass through

  • Hole Punch backing

Hole Punch backing is the industrial standard for most tuff products the holes are easy to punch through the tough and it allows for adequate drainage in most situations

  • Flow Through Backing

The most technologically advanced kind of backing in the market is flow through it allows for 100% liquid permeability flow through backing is essential for Dog turf installations

3-           Infill Material

Infill is the substance the installers put in between the blades the purpose of infill is,

  • It keeps the grass upright and protects the baking from direct sunlight.
  • It also adds weight and durability to a lawn.
  • It acts like a memory foam bed.
  • It also increases the life of artificial lawn
  • Infill materials which are commonly used in artificial grass are silica sends, rubber and dura fill sand

4-           Seaming 

Seaming means joining the turf seaming can be done by three different materials

  • Seaming tap and glue
  • Sort staples and nails
  • Double sided tap

5-           Nails

Nails are used to keep the edges of artificial lawn in place and help keep everything secure

6-           Yarn /fiber

It means blades of grass the ideal fiber reduces skin friction, skin abrasion, off superior durability, High resilience and Temperature stability these are the six components of artificial grass.