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Finding The Ideal Home: Tips To Get It

How to find the ideal home with 33realty.com for example? It always depends on what you’re looking for. However, there are at least ten things you should be aware of.

Find The Ideal Home

If you are waiting for the right time to find the ideal home, know now that this day will not happen. It’s impossible to predict the future and market fluctuations, and if you keep waiting, you might miss out on good opportunities and end up with a broken heart.

Evaluate The Distances

How long will it take to travel from home to work, from home to the children’s school, or from home to your parent’s house? How often do you make these trips? The money you’ll save on buying the house, won’t you spend it on time and fuel? These are all questions that must be analyzed at the time of decision.

Confirm The Data

Be sure to ask the seller for all the property documents so that you can confirm all the data in the finances and the land registry office. This little care can save you many future problems. With the difficulties of recent years, you may be buying, without knowing it, a house already pledged by the Bank or the State.

Do The Math Well

Consider whether your budget supports the investment. The ideal home does not put your livelihood at risk. The loan payment amount should not be more than 20% of your monthly budget amount. And if you already have other loans, the total amount of monthly debt payments (house, car, etc.) cannot exceed 20% or a maximum of 30%.

How To Find The Ideal Home Even Faster

If you want to find the ideal home and have already decided to start the search to make it happen as quickly as possible, start with the first searches to fine-tune your search. If you need three bedrooms, you don’t live without a lift, you have to have a garage, a fireplace, and a sea view, it’s best to define all these characteristics right from the start.

There are several real estate agencies that you can use to help you in this search, but also several online portals that can help you discover your new home without having to leave the couch. There are several and they allow you to carry out exhaustive searches since the search criteria are very broad and the filters are precise. Learn here The Importance of Property Management.

You can define all the essential characteristics of the house of your dreams, such as typology, energy certification, and condition (new, used, to recover, under construction) if it has central heating, balcony, furniture, ambient sound, sea view, field or river, and even fruit trees. It is also possible to choose between private ads, real estate, negotiable, or exchanges, among many other options. With the help of all these filters, you will get the exact results of what is available on the market. And so, in addition to saving time and disappointment, you’ll be closer to finding the ideal home.